Chimney Sweeps: What We Do

As a professionally registered chimney sweep, I and my collegues in the Guild and Federation of British Chimney Sweeps are all trained to a high level of competence which include the ability to not just sweep the flues of any appliance , but be knowledgeable in the correct installation of many fireplaces, applianes , their correct use and how to service and maintain them.

Using the correct fuel and its storage has a huge effect on the efficiency and money saving you can make.

It also reduces the risk of chimney fires as regular sweeping and monitoring of the way you use your appliance

We can offer advise before you have anything installed, check the condition and suitability of your existing chimney or the proposed route and site of the appliance type and chimney system you should use.

We also advise on Carbon monoxide alarm sighting and its correct type and use, and in the worst cases the investigation procedures needed in the event of a Carbon monoxide incident which might be caused by the poor installation of a chimney system and or an appliance.

In short a Professional Chimney Sweep does much much more than push a brush up or down a chimney!

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